Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not sure yet

I know there are great possibilities for this blog, but I haven't yet decided what to write about. Perhaps the nostalgia from the fifties and sixties? Naah. I'm already doing that at my Fifties Nostalgia site.

What about sports cars? There's a lot of interest in that, especially among the crowd that would be interested in the fifites and sixites nostalgia. But I'm already writing about Corvettes at my American Dream Car site.

Maybe a community billboard for free giveaways? Well, that's a duplication of effort because I've already got free giveaways listed at my Toasty Posts site.

And, of course, Michael's Million is already going on for a money-making opportunity, so I don't need to repeat that concept.

But I'll think of something to write about here that's perfect. Stay tuned and come back.